Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This one sucks, don't read it.

Do you ever wonder if life is just one big philosophical experiment? Yea me either. Moslty just a series of very annoying events. I introduced more options into my life today by looking at a community college website, which just happen to have the program I have always been interested in. Or atleast think I am. See this is the true problem in life for some of us - never knowing what we want to be when we grow up.

I thought when I finished high school, it would be best to follow my parents advice get this high tech, high intelligent degree. And even though I busted my ass for 5 years, it was actually starting to pay for itself. Now I find myself on the otherside of the hiring line, and all the disillusionment that comes a long with that.

IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!

I almost feel like a child all over again, faced with big "Adult" decisions and not knowing which one is the right one to make, even though there really is no right or wrong.

Yea, blah, I got nothin witty for today, or even mildly sarcastically funny. Blah.


Anonymous said...

I've read it...and I think I'll read some more when they pop up on here. Its a good thing I got a link to come here though, typing in that web address would be a bitch. =)

Anonymous said...

right there with you, lemony. but yeah--i read it, too. and if i had a blog i would not be posting this commennt anonymously! you know who i am, and you know i love you--you will get through this shit. you will. would i lie to you? --ralph