Friday, June 25, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So I have finally gotten off of my apathetic ass and done something for myself. I've been through about 20 interviews give or take a few, and all have ended in rejection...obviously. So much so that when I was called again this week for a phone interview I did my best to have a "whatever, don't care about you attitude" - and trust me by the end of the call I was 90% sure they were not going to call be back for an interview. Lo and behold, however, I get a call yesterday for an on-site interview. I was stunned, actually I think I'm still stunned. If I had known that the Jimmy Buffet, suck my toe attitude worked I would have used that 7 months ago.

This of course all happening after I had decided to finally make changes to what I'm doing and consider a new education program:

Commercial Music Management

I guess I look at it this way - I have finally bought into some insurance for my happiness. So if this next interview doesn't work out, I'm seeking alternatives. Now doesn't that make everyone feel better...yea me either. ;-) What did you expect an entirely shiney happy post? I think not, note the time.

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