Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reasons why.....

...workers should not be made to work right up until Christmas:

They write holiday poetry on the flip charts
More than usual they forward stupid little email chains
They force the wierd cookies their spouses have made on you
They all have the weird Jack Nicolson crazy look from the Shining
They whine about not winning the plasma tv door prize at their spouses company party

Seriously the productivity or lack there of isn't worth it....MORE VACATION FOR ALL!

Brought to you by the letter X, as in X-mas

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just a tinge

The nice thing about getting grey hair semi young is that initially people just think it's blond highlights. "Oh have you highlighted your hair it looks great!" "No no this is all natural baby"

Monday, December 19, 2005


It's not that I don't notice people being inconsiderate during other times of the year, but the holidays for some reason seem to bring out the worst in people or so it seems. Maybe my patience is just a little lower during this time of the year. Whatever the reason I just can't help but notice the new member of the aerobics class who acts like she owns the place with her 6 foot frame crowding the rest of us to the outskirts of the room. Or the psychoicness of the need to claim parking spaces 6 months in advance. Or the simple thoughtlessness of not picking up after yourself....even though you think "eh someone else will do it." Yes someone else will do it but they shouldn't HAVE to do it. What's wrong with you people...get over yourself and be kinder damnit....

And if you don't remember here's a reminder from "The Little Pink Book of Ettiquette":

1. Focus on Others. It's not about you.
2. Think before you act
3. Think before you speak
4. Wait your turn
5. Listen when others speak
6. Pick up after yourself.
7. Assist those in need
8. Respect people who are different from you
9. Be patient and kind
10. Smile

Now I know even myself am no champion of these 10 things...but there is nothing wrong with constantly trying....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's 4:54 am do you know where you are?

The correct response of course would be the jungle....but personally I'm sitting in bed...awake....

This seemingly has become a theme for me the last 5 or so nights, I start coughing around 2am, get up around 2:30am. I think about going back to sleep until 3am. Coughing some more, and finally signing onto a computer somewhere to write some way past due emails. I've noticed that if awake enough I can get alot done at 4am. 28 emails to be exact. Infact I'd almost say some of my best work, but then again who's to judge 4am work anyway. This post for example while I will continue to babble on for atleast another sentence or 2 or won't be any great work of art...just some drivel...with alittle more drivel, topped with some drivel.

See who needs drugs with a personality like this I ask.

Say goodnight Sam. Goodnight Sam.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The way I see it...

We on earth are slowly falling into the sun on our decaying orbit....and if we don't decay completely, eventually the sun will grow to encompass us.

So the way I see it is, why bother with a tombstone? Although it kinda sucks for those people you seriously didn't want to be creamated.

Just curious....

*Thanks to Jackie for verifying a few scientific techincal details