Friday, May 27, 2005

In the news

There's an article out today linking viagra to blindness, apparently wives tales are true.

Friday, May 13, 2005

When I grow up

I want to be a pirate...

And work here...

And live here...

And fly this flag...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I hate when I open an internet explorer window to look something up but get completely sidetracked because the song on my iPod just changed.

I always knew I had attention deficet disorder, but damn, really?!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

When the syn·ap·ses stop firing

Last night as I laid in bed still religiously trying to get over my cold and the resultant back ache it produced, I decided to get up for alittle sugar. M&M's to be exact. I keep a few small snack size packs around the house you know for the woman in me.

I still can't seem to eat a package of M&M's even at 28 years old and not think about the green ones as "the horny ones". Because well apparently even grade school boys can turn anything into a sexual reference.

Anyway, long after the chocolatey goodness had melted away in my mouth and not in my hand, my back began to spasm worse than it had been earlier. Not one to really like taking a lot of pills, had I taken advil when the pain first started perhaps 3 hours before, oh no of course not. It wasn't unitl the SPASMS started that it occured to me that perhaps I didn't want to be in pain. So once again I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen for some water to take the advil with, walked over to my dresser (water in hand) pulled out two advil threw them in my mouth and started full on chewing them.

YES CHEWING THE ADVIL, while holding a glass of water, like they were fucking cornflakes.... *sigh*

As you can imagine grossness insued, that will be the last time that I eat M&M's in delirium.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Anything else?

You know I don't think it matters how old you get, when you get sick, all you really want is your mommy. Because well, that really is the only person on earth that is willing to stand in the same room with you and watch you puke and tell you it's gonna be ok. Your friends, well they will "be there" but that usually means on the other side of the closed door, asking every few minutes if you're ok, praying to god that you don't ask them to enter. And well we all know that having been friends standing on the other side of that door praying that we don't get asked, we ourselves are trying to hold back a certain amount of our own gag reflex everytime we hear you puke.

Anyway, so I'm sick this weekend, apparently I managed to catch something that started late on Friday night and has continued all through the weekend. Whoohoo for me! I want my mommy and some orange juice and some comfort food. *sigh* But alas there has been none of that.

I think really all of this bad karma happening presently in my life (or as I like to call it a series of my own life decisions that I don't want to take responsibility for therefore I subconsciously blame it on an eastern religious idea that I'm not sure I even beleive in) is due to some selling of my soul somewhere that I don't think I was completely present for, but obviously got a bad deal on. Well, and really duh! it is the devil mind you. (Now if that isn't serious subconscious blaming I don't know what is).

But I mean really, is there anything else besides the unstable job, living on the eastern seaboard (for it's lovely people and weather), having a boss that is incapable of being human, the bolts on your car rusting after JUST 1 FUCKING WINTER, meanwhile removing some of your tride and true coping mechanisms, and just finding out that they would now like to double you up with another employee in your cube that is smaller than your thumb, and that doesn't even cover all the stupidness of men I've dealt with since being here. I mean really, is there anything else? Anything?

Mom, are you out

You know, Nyquil is perhaps stronger than I realized....