Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's finger lickin' good

So I beleive I have just witnessed the most redneck commercial on earth. It was a commercial for KFC which is appropriate enough. I know what you thinking - yea we know - KFC has always been alittle red in the neck how can you not be when you sell chicken in a bucket right? Well now they are at new levels...

The commercial is promoting itself as a sponser of Dale Earnhart Jr., the famous NASCAR race car driver. Wait for it. In normal commercial style there are beautiful women eating greasy KFC chicken (yea right), long shots of Dale standing next to his "KFC/Budwiser" plastered car, and of course the famous gallon bucket of KFC. Wait for it. The new bucket is beautifully designed (if you can say such a thing about a chicken bucket) with checkered flags, a picture of Dale, and his long red number 8 car. Ooooohhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhhh

This seems like a normal enough commercial doesn't it? Ok are you ready?

At the end of the commerical it is boasted that KFC encourages you - that's right encourages you to collect all FOUR "collector" Dale Earnhart Jr. chicken buckets.

*Double Take*

No way - collector chicken buckets, are you kidding me? Can you see this:

"Look honey I got all four, let's sit em up on the mantle all pretty like...we'll just turn the grease spots toward the wall"

*Shudder* Maybe this is all just a dream *click click* there's no place like home *click click* there's no place like home..........

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