Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mysteries of the Universe

Why is it that no matter what, if you attempt to contact your friends and family when you are bored, or in need of a chat, or a leaning ear, they are NEVER available. Your own mother isn't even available as she's out with the rest of your family enjoying social together time. Wassup with that? I HAVE NEEDS PEOPLE!!!! Very NEEDY NEEDS!!!

Why is it also that when you can't possibly pick up the phone, or talk for very long, or are SLEEPING...they all call, like out of the damn woodwork these people.

Ah well in the famous words of my mother "Life isn't fair Samantha, you may as well just get over it."

You can obviously see I haven't gotten OVER IT!


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Anonymous said...

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Lesser_Lumpkin said...

I hear you. My father calls really early in the morning like 5 am-ish on purpose to wake me up. strange old man. In stead of life isn't fair the piece of wisdom he shared with me went something like "Life is wonderful. As long as you don't weaken."