Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Four men and a little lady

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Originally uploaded by whaala.
Recently I moved into a great house, with a great roomate, and well four teenage ninja.....turtle.....uh men... Um yea anyway, you're totally jealous I can FEEL it.

I've been in the house now about 4 weeks, and really I don't even notice them anymore. Only at night when I turn out the lights and the small little glow in the dark stars come to life to highlight their AWESOME weaponary!!

Who needs creativity when you have real life like this I ask you?


Lesser_Lumpkin said...


Did you lose the coin toss to get that room or did you have to fight to get it? I'm all about the TMNT. In fact I may just have to paint them in my bedroom now so my wife and I can fall asleep under their protective aura.

The Lumpy

jackie said...

dude, you HAVE to get that stuff covered up! it's affecting you subconsciously. run, don't walk, from the TMNTs.

Meredith said...

Perhaps you could add some My Little Pony illustrations to keep the turtles company! :)

Samantha said...


I fought all the way dude!


My Little Pony ROCKS!