Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My reputation, it precedes me

What are friends for but to cheer you up mid afternoon sludge...

sam the mam
sam likes ham
sam gives no damn
sam drives a ram
sam's door goes slam
sam knows a girl named pam
sam says emerill says BAM
sam's car has a twin cam
sam loves her whole fam
sam likes toast with jam
sam's going on the lam
sam fought in nam
sam never ate a yam


......I admit I really have never eaten a yam.....caught!


jackie said...

last time i checked, you never fought in nam either. were you even born then???

quit lyin' to your friends.

Samantha said...

Dude you're totally ruining my street cred! GOSH!! :-p

Anonymous said...

she wasn't in nam,

but I hear she kicked major ass in the Mog.