Thursday, December 23, 2004

May you survive

I thought long and hard (ok neither did I think long or hard about this) about naming this entry "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Chirstmas" or "Happy Chanukah" "Happy Kwanza", but um yea why would I be so cheery? You know better.

Besides we all know that Christmas this year has come retardly fast. Yes that's right I just said "retardly fast" in a post about Chirstmas. God come down and strike me I dare you, it wouldn't be any worse than what a New Englander could do to me at this point. These people are SERIOUS up here!

Anyway, I wish you all much happiness, wellness and ability to retain sanity through the next two days. May you not choke your little sister when she jumps on your bed early Chirstmas morning. May you not feel the repercussions of your mother commenting on your thighs in t-minus 3 minutes before christmas dinner. May you endure your father giving your mother a snowblower for christmas and not the diamond tennis braclet she wanted. May you show good face when you get something you totally think asinine. May you get some, cause god knows I won't be. STRIKE ME! STRIKE ME! I digress.....

Most of all may you survive to begin another year all over again. :-)

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah (even though it's over) and what the the hell, Happy Kwanza, you politically correct hippies.

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