Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Just realized...

I just realized that this is the first time ever. EVER. That I have worked the week between Christmas and New Years. EVER! And now I'm finding out why. It's like working saturday over and over again 5 days in a row, with the one exception that the lights are on. (The lights usually aren't turned on over the weekend...*sigh* the life of a contractor) As usual I digress.

Anyway, I myself have survived the holidays, with only one back handed compliment from my mother as follows:

When I get stressed around my family I have a tendancy to pull at my eyebrow, this is to cause myself pain in order to ignore the pain in the ass that my family is. You may say this is strange, I'd like to just think of it as one of my many unique qualities. Anyway, imagine me presently tugging at my eyebrow....

Mother: Quit pulling your eyebrow.
Me: Huh? What? As I come back to reality from my plotting of death
Me: I wish mothers had a mute button
Me: Oh! Right.
Mother: They were too thin last time you were home, they look better now, leave them alone.
Me: Oh really? Rolling my eyes. Thanks Mom, you always know how to make me feel better.

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