Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Black Monday*

a.k.a the day established to all inclusively make everyone feel bad whether you're in a relationship or not.

I read in the Boston Globe yesterday that Boston is the "lovingest" city according to Hallmark. The most Valentine cards per capita are sold in Boston. Now that my friends is the definition of irony. Or perhaps just a true sign that people in Boston feel damn guilty for the piss poor attitudes against their fellow man.

*On a side note I'd like to thank my friend Jon, for providing the inspiration for today's title. We have ourselves had a fabulously bitter email exchange, appropriate I think atleast for my own bitterness, and well Jon so kindly humors my bitterness. It goes as follows, note it has been edited for content and well hilarity.

Sam: Good Morning (note the lack of any mention of the holiday)
Jon: Good Morning. Happy V Day. (that bastard)
Sam: Thank you, same to you, and bah hum bug (bastard)
Jon: I wasn't sure if I should have said Happy Black Monday instead, but I figured I'd try and stay positive. (Aww he tries)
Sam: Have I mentioned that I hate this holiday? I don't even know why I am thinking about it, because it's no different than any other day.
Jon: You've hinted at it.
Jon: If it were a weekend, I'd recommend a 36 hour bender. That's worked in the past.
Sam: Mmm bender, so tempting. I even unknowingly wore a red sweater today, pisses me off.
Jon: Look at you, subliminally in the spirit. Eros would be proud.
Sam: If only it weren't illegal to shoot myself.
Jon: Maybe in this case the red can symbolize blood?
Sam: You are a genius man, pure genius man. The blood that would spill today if I weren't so apathetic
Jon: Too lazy to cause mortal and prolific harm to others. Now THAT's a sign of psychosis.

(No just a significant sign of strong will, and ok maybe a healthy fear of prison)

Happy Valentine's Day Jon, you are fabulous. :-)

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