Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just because I won't say it doesn't mean I won't think it.

"Dear Lord, thank You for this microwave bounty, even though we don't deserve it. I mean... our kids are uncontrollable hellions! Pardon my French... but they act like savages! Did You see them at the picnic? Oh, of course You did... You're everywhere, You're omnivorous. Oh Lord! Why did You spite me with this family?"

~Homer Simpson

I am very thankful this year for many things here are a few of them:

• all of my very loving, very supportive and great friends.
• change, even though I fight it tooth and nail
• time and it’s ability to pass although never at a rate I wish
• bubble bath
• sephora – god does love me
• Walden pond and all that it has taught me in short order
• the people of boston for teaching me how to stick up to my family ( no not stick that finger up….just STICK UP)
• oh right my family I almost forgot – for putting up with my bullshit blah blah
• this blog – always puts things in perspective
• men who still open doors
• a paycheck above the poverty line
• presidents only being able to serve 2 terms
• the red sox winning the world series – because it was damn exciting

I will thank myself if I make it through this holiday by either standing up to my family when they try to railroad me as they do every year, or trying to not secretly plan their untimely deaths. kidding's just jokes.....jokes. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who opens with a Homer Simpson quote is most definitely MY kind of person! (Can you guess who this is?) Hope you have a happy Turkey Day!