Friday, June 16, 2006

Two nine

Another birthday is here and passed....what is it about getting older that makes time seem more surreal. How do birthday's become the mundane in life even though the child in all of us wishes for a big deal. My family is pretty big on birthday's and celebrating. More so I am finding out than many people and other families I have encounterd. And really to be honest I'm kinda glad about that. It's nice to be celebrated as a person amoung the people who love you. In life as we all search for ourselves and where we belong, there is this one thing that is atleast comforting and feeding to that....when someone recognizes your birthday....they recognize you as a person in the world searching for the same things we all look for from others, love, happiness, non-judgement, acceptance. As the next year continues I think I will strive for more acceptance of that seems to be which I search for myself the most.

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