Sunday, May 07, 2006

Into the woods

I called my father today and told him that I went camping last night. He got a good solid laugh on the phone for about 5 minutes. Not because I'm necessarily the girl who is too girly to go camping, but more because when I use to go camping with him I followed him around the tent with a dustbuster. Hey I was 10 what did you want from me? I had to entertain myself somehow. :-) So yea I went camping this weekend, and you know it was fun. It was nice to do something just completely different from the norm and out of my element. I met up with my friend Jake and we hiked out into a Massachusetts state forest near where his parents live. We hiked only about 2 miles with a day's worth of food and water, our sleeping bags and a tent. We built a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. It hasn't been since I was a child that I had done all of that. Jake told campfire stories about bigfoot and what they call "har" up here. Basically a bigfoot type creature that runs around screaming "haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!" So many things I could say to this, but really is it necessary, ya'll can use your imagination. :-)

Of course the next morning I kinda realized why it has been so long, as my entire body was sore from laying on the ground, not too mention I forgot how incredibly cold about 40 degree weather is when you're sleeping out in it :-). The best thing about camping I was reminded of was coming home and taking a shower and a nap in my own bed. I don't know how people did it during the great move west, sleeping on the ground from place to place, I'm sure their bodies were much more adjusted. As my father told me "we've grown soft." Soft or not I still had a great time, and another memory has been created.

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