Thursday, January 19, 2006

In which I rant, you rant, we all rant

If you've ever sat around and wondered why the world hates us (the good ole US of A), I think one ought not look further than American Idol. For the 12 millionth season now, I have been sucked into the revolving door of a car crash that is the first two weeks of American Idol. Seriously, what are these people THINKING?! Wait, wait, wait, let me stop right there, you see this is my problem, I think everyone MUST be thinking SOMETHING, when in reality I think the first two weeks of American Idol are really just one big race to retardism.

You know back in the eighties when they use to do those "don't do drugs" commercials with the frying pan and 2 eggs, yea come on you remember. The frying pan sizzling with yummy succulent bacon grease...mmm bacon. "This is drugs!!" The cracking of two fresh from the chicken loins eggs into the pan. "This is your brain on drugs" Crack sizzle pop....mmm breakfast. No see WHAT THEY SHOULD have had to discourage drug use in the eighties was a forward looking american idol tryouts. "if you do drugs your kids will turn out to be these RETARDS in front of ALL of AMERICA." Eh what am I saying, neither one of those commercials would have prevented drugs.

We are so totally fucked.

UPDATED SIDE NOTE: I ran a spell check on this post and it caught the word succlent mis-spelled (I spelled it with only 1 c), the alternate choice the checker gave me: Swaizeland. WHAT THE FUCK?! The retardism it is spreading! *sigh*

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