Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weekend of Destruction

The fourth of July is really an excellent holiday. A day in which not only do you get an extra day off of work (in my case two....suckers) but there is absolutely no obligation on this holiday to go see family or buy presents. In fact it's nearly expected in the American culture to instead get liquored up and blow things up. You just can't get more American than that.

So that's just what I did. I made it down to North Carolina, to visit my very good friends whom I love Jackie and the Hippie. I had a wonderful time with them, I always do, they both make up part of my chosen family.

The weekend consisted of preparations, execution, and detoxification of a 4th of July cookout. Friends, food, liquor....and more liquor.....and alittle more liquor, oh AND being 1/2 of the apathetic bouche ball team....can't beat that with a hard stick. Well you could but we'd probably still lose as typically neither Grant (my bouche ball partner in crime) nor I respond at all to threats of violence. In fact we'd probably double dog dare you to do it.

Of course a long weekend for me apparently cannot be succuessful without some good ole destruction. Count breaking a pilsner glass, shrinking a tablecloth, and my personal favorite puking on the lawn, and yet these people still allow me in their house. Ah well if they weren't crazy we probably wouldn't be friends.

I love you guys.

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jackie said...

love you too, man. wish to god you lived here. sad now that you have gone back to the evil northeast where you don't belong...