Sunday, June 26, 2005

Summer in New England

Or as I like to call it Texas winter. So it's been hot here the last few days, I will certainly grant the new englanders that. No sarcastic double quotes around hot, but dude I've seen worse. You know during the depths of the New England winter just a few short weeks ago I was sure that by the time summer got here as it has today, people here would I dunno lighten up well I dunno......THE SUN IS OUT!!

You know the SUN, that big bright glowing thing that we haven't seen in oh say a good NINE months!!

Oh how niave I was to think this. No no there is no happiness in New England to be had even when the sun IS shinning. It's like a constant citizenship to Mudville here. Whinning and complaining about snow and ice and cold has now turned into similar sentiments about the heat. "It's too hot" "I can't go outside" "You can't do anything in this" I think maybe I'm missing a conspiricay? Do I perhaps not own the proper gear/fortitude to go out instead in the 24 INCHES OF FUCKING SNOW when my car thermostat reads ZERO!!

Seriously? I mean really are they serious? Hey I'm from Texas most days in the summer I'm glad to just walk outside and be able to functionally breath, because well frankly there are days in the summer in Texas where that's not really advisable.

Well would you lookie here, New England has taught me to bitch. ;-)

Ah well no one said I couldn't learn something, I'll leave with this last exchange I overheard between a recently transplanted southerner and a new englander:

New Englander: Where are you from?
Arkansas Man: Arkansas ma'am.
New Englander: Ooohhh it's hot down there, I don't know how you stand it!
Arkansas Man: I don't know quite what you mean ma'am?
NewEnglander: Well it gets so hot down there in the summer you can't even open your car door!
Me to Arkansas man: Don't worry it gets so cold here that your door freezes shut!
New Englander to Me: dirty look
Me to New Englander: smirk

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