Sunday, June 19, 2005

Did you miss me?

Well I finally did it. I took a vacation for the first time in a year. I guess you could call my 7 months of unemployment a vacation, but if you've ever been unemployed you know that's not a vacation. Why you may ask? Because see on a vacation not only are you "away" from work but you're also getting paid, going out to eat, buying little sovineirs. I can verify that while unemployed you are "away" from work but you are not getting paid or going out to eat, but you are collecting sovieners, slips of paper from the unemployment office mostly, oh and a whole lot of bitterness, does it show? ;-)

Anyway, vacation was great, back out to the west. Colorado to visit the family, home of big mountains, open spaces and 7 straight days of sunshine. Whoohoo! Funny the things you miss, and the shock you have when you finally have access to them, like some types of food, sunshine, space, even just the way people are, just nice to feel comfortable again even for a little while.

Frankly also it gave me perspective on this place too. I feel a lot better about it, not so trapped as I did before. Guess that is what vacations are really for....we'll see how long it know me always the optimist. ;-)

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jackie said...

YES I MISSED YOU!!! so glad you got away for a little while, even if i selfishly still wish you had been here. :)