Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The phone, it doesn't stop ringing

You know there is nothing like apartment living to really make you hate the entire human race. There is also nothing like apartment living to make you realize how truly insane all of humanity is.

Here in Massachusetts I live in a very small space. I mean VERY SMALL. I say this because it is my belief that the small the space you live in, the thinner your walls must be. It's like the missing law of averages or physics, or life.

Recently I met my neighbor, a slight woman whom after 8 months of being my neighbor and seeing me often enough to talk to me but never saying anything, said to me "Hi I'm Michele, if you ever need anything let me know." I find this statement rather ironic, as well, I'VE BEEN HERE FOR EIGHT MONTHS NOW. Any help I would have needed would most likely have been EIGHT MONTHS AGO. Ah but I digress, people they are funny things.

Anyway, my said neighbor, Michele, who is actually come to found out from Texas, she is a little odd. This by the way is one of the reasons I have never had a roommate since college. My neighbors have always been weird, WEIRD, and well Michele is no different. Michele, walks her cat, no not on a leash, the cat walks, and she (Michele) walks behind it while reading a book. Yes odd. Meanwhile I am now convinced that she traffics drugs, or sex or, I dunno maybe yarn, or perhaps just cat nip. Who knows but her god damn phone RINGS ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME.

Who is calling this cat following, walk while reading, odd, slight, ex-Texan? And what's more, who is calling her SO much that it has made me write a whole blog post about just how annoying apartment living and neighbors and frankly phones can be.


One thing I've learned from apartment living is that it does no use to speak to the said neighbor about your said annoyance, because well frankly it is already obvious that they are too inconsiderate to care by owning a phone containing the loudest ringtone ever invented! So in my best passive aggressive mentality, I throw a porn in and turn it up. :-)

I wonder if Michele is over there right now blogging about how her annoying neighbor Samantha she believes is addicted to sex, or porn, or both. heh.

Ok ok fine I'll turn it off, I know it's childish, but MY GOD THAT FUCKIN PHONE!

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