Thursday, October 21, 2004


So I have been bitten. Yes there IS truely something in the water here in Mass.

I have found it is impossible NOT to be a Red Sox fan when living anywhere less than 100 miles outside of Boston (I live about 20). I am addicted, and here I was thinking I was nothing but a Texas football girl, oh boy was I wrong (Wow what a Texas phrase right there "oh boy was I wrong"). This entire last week bedtime has not been anywhere before midnight as the Red Sox have not only kept me on the edge of my seat, but have made history when everyone assumed they would fail as they have for the last consecutive 18 years!

So stealing an idea from Sarah B.
As proof of my newly gained Red Sox insanity I quote my recently received saved phone txt messages:

Yea, sux the yanks lost tho
Those geeks don't watch sports
Boston is buzzing
It's amazing
This place is about to explode
3 more outs
Fucking bellhorn
I don't know y they yanked lowe
I'm nervous wit pedro

*Note for you living-under-a-rock-non-baseball-fans, pedro, lowe and bellhorn are all red sox's players.


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