Saturday, October 16, 2004


What a dramatic title huh? Yea warning I'm feeling like a drama queen today. It's Saturday and really my first day off from work in about 12 days. Coming out of 12 days of straight working, is like coming off a really long drinking binge with out any of the good memories only the bad ones. You know the ones you'll think back on later and shake your head at. Yea...

Both last night and today I have literally looked around and thought to myself "Oh yea, my life, I have one of those what was I doing with it again?" Of course trying to reconnect with my friends has been a bit of a challenge today, and being that I am feeling as dramatic as I am that hasn't boded well for my sanity. I've called 5 of my friends and have either gotten no answer or been blown off by all of them. Ah well I can't really blame them for not being at my beck and call. ;-)

What you have a life? Huh I haven't been having one? It's Saturday night in a still very new place with few friends (none that I can actually stand for more than an hour) and I'm being completely lame by doing laundry and watching a PG-13 rated movie....

Yea ok drama over. Wait wait wait......*sigh*

Ok now it's over.


jackie said...

samantha, you are well loved and NOT blown off! not only that you are MISSED--TERRIBLY. i tried to call you early this morning to no avail. i will try again. desperate for some girl talk with a SANE girl.

Anonymous said...


I too didn't mean to be a blow off on Saturday. Sadly, you called the one day that I was busy from 9 am to 10 pm.

Hope you're feeling better!

AZ Steve