Friday, August 20, 2004

Yea so....

Yea so I have taken a job in Massachusetts (yes I had look up how to spell that). Is it wrong to move to another country.... I mean state that you can't even spell? Perhaps. Anyway more on this life changing event later (the obvious reason for my lack of blogging lately).

So I'd like to talk alittle bit today about games. I being single have the pleasure of playing the "single" games. Now for all you married or might as well be married people, I know I know you have your own special games yourselves but I can only speak to which I relate. (Ok that's a lie I speak to things all the time that I can't possibly relate to but this is my blog damnit).

So back to the games....

I think it's only been recently that I've realized how many games I was playing at one time and how many people (whom are even older than me) STILL play them. Why people why? How have we become a culture completely revolved around what other people think of us and a constant manipulation of who we are to please others. I don't think I will ever understand this.

I recently met someone who has brought this issue to my minds forfront. I have found in myself that I am more real to people and myself than I can ever remember being... and it feels damn good. It's almost freeing when you are able to sit down and "tell it like it is". Of course I'm not perfect (unless you ask my mother) and I see myself as having a long way to go in the search for my most genuine self, but wow I feel like fog has been lifted from my eyes and I guess I'm just a little sad to realize that there are still people out there that have not realized this yet.

Guess all I can do is hope....and continue.

Awww look how sappy I am, better get over it people I have a lot of ranting to do about MA ;-p

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