Thursday, April 20, 2006

Change of subject

I'm only writing this post because I was tired of coming here and seeing that stupid post about my mother. Currently my life feels like a blur of just regular days one right after another.

On a positive note (I know right stand back) aerobics instructor complimented me after class on Monday saying my "range of motion and flexibility have really improved." So that's pretty cool, it was a nice compliment and somewhat better than the usual, oh you've lost weight you look great. Not that I don't mind those either. :-)

So something to look forward to telling all the men in my life....wait....


jackie said...

glad to see you posting again, even though i didn't think the post about your mother was stupid at all. and yay for some positive reinforcement from the aerobics instructor--that's GREAT!

jackie said...
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