Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's 4:54 am do you know where you are?

The correct response of course would be the jungle....but personally I'm sitting in bed...awake....

This seemingly has become a theme for me the last 5 or so nights, I start coughing around 2am, get up around 2:30am. I think about going back to sleep until 3am. Coughing some more, and finally signing onto a computer somewhere to write some way past due emails. I've noticed that if awake enough I can get alot done at 4am. 28 emails to be exact. Infact I'd almost say some of my best work, but then again who's to judge 4am work anyway. This post for example while I will continue to babble on for atleast another sentence or 2 or 10....it won't be any great work of art...just some drivel...with alittle more drivel, topped with some drivel.

See who needs drugs with a personality like this I ask.

Say goodnight Sam. Goodnight Sam.

1 comment:

jackie said...

by now, we should know to just call each other when this happens. i was up, too. oh, how i loathe the pointless late night.

my word? mwayp.