Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm just sayin

On the way in this morning I saw a duely truck advertising "Old World Construction". Sort of common around here to see trucks like that adverstising their small buisnesses.

On this specific truck, the owner had his name printed:
Murdock J. Mackenzie 3rd
Ok so I think if you're pompous enough to announce that you are thrice the generation of your family name, AND you run a company with the name "Old World" in it. That mayperhaps you should print your name as follows:
Murdock J. Mackenzie III
What does "3rd" tell me, that you're alittle more common man than "III"? I'm just sayin, but hey the guy drives a duley, we'll just chalk it up to being a redneck...


Anonymous said...

What's a small buisnesses?

Samantha said...

It's like a small penis but different.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if it had Mass plates on it, by definition, the driver can't be a redneck.

Also, no self repecting redneck would admit in public that he's named Murdock.

Bubba, Billy-Bubba, Billy-Jo-Bubba, Billy-Jo-Bubba-Jim-Bob. Those are acceptable Redneck names. Murdock certainly is not. Also, not many actual rednecks can count all the way to 3, so the entire "3rd" vs "III" thing would tend to illustrate the fact that Ol' Murdock is in fact, what is commonly refered to as a "YeWR"

"Yankee Wannabe Redneck"

A phenomenon made all too common by the proliferation of pickup trucks in Northern urban areas.

To identify an actual redneck, examine the truck for any or all of these identifying signs:

1: a hound dog. (anything in the AKC registry does not qualify)

2: A gun rack.

3: A Rebel flag

4: Skoal Redman

5: A Waylon Jennings cassette

6: RC Cola, Moonpies, boiled peanuts, pork rinds.

Samantha said...

mmm Waylon, now we're talking