Thursday, May 05, 2005

When the syn·ap·ses stop firing

Last night as I laid in bed still religiously trying to get over my cold and the resultant back ache it produced, I decided to get up for alittle sugar. M&M's to be exact. I keep a few small snack size packs around the house you know for the woman in me.

I still can't seem to eat a package of M&M's even at 28 years old and not think about the green ones as "the horny ones". Because well apparently even grade school boys can turn anything into a sexual reference.

Anyway, long after the chocolatey goodness had melted away in my mouth and not in my hand, my back began to spasm worse than it had been earlier. Not one to really like taking a lot of pills, had I taken advil when the pain first started perhaps 3 hours before, oh no of course not. It wasn't unitl the SPASMS started that it occured to me that perhaps I didn't want to be in pain. So once again I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen for some water to take the advil with, walked over to my dresser (water in hand) pulled out two advil threw them in my mouth and started full on chewing them.

YES CHEWING THE ADVIL, while holding a glass of water, like they were fucking cornflakes.... *sigh*

As you can imagine grossness insued, that will be the last time that I eat M&M's in delirium.

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